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How to build backlinks without spending hours

We always hear that updating our blog as frequent as possible is the best method to get traffic.

Yes, I agree.

However that is only applicable if you want to target returning visitors.

If you are an Adsense player, I am sure you are aware that most of the clicks come from search engine visitors instead of returning visitors.

So how to make your website appears on the first page of Google.

What? You are already satisfied with being on the second page?

Come on… the difference of traffic between first page and second page is like West and North.

Even you… I know sometimes you only open the first three listing on Google isn’t it?
You want to find a solution as fast as possible. You just don’t have time to read the whole 10 listing on the first page.

Oh, now you want to learn the secret of dominating search engine?

The secret is backlink and backlink.

Backlink is the one that tells search engine that your page is important and should be rank higher.

That’s why some sites that only has a few pages manage to rank well on Google.
Because they have a lot of backlinks pointing to the site.

However search engines are not dump enough to rank a keyword that easily.
You need to make sure backlinks to your site look natural and consistent.
It is not wise to build 200 backlinks today and no backlink tomorrow.

If you need help in link building, these are the best tools ever to help you growing your links automatically.

While your competitors spend hours to build backlinks manually, you just need to spend sometime in setting up appropriate tools and then just wait for the result.

Social Monkee

This is one great FREE social bookmarking service. Once you register with Social Monkee, you can submit one entry to 25 social bookmarking sites automatically.

social monkee review

That means 25 free backlinks to your page daily.

Since it is FREE, there’s nothing to lose.

Article Marketing Robot

Everyone knows article marketing is one of the best link building method. However do you have enough time to submit the article that had written to 1000 article directories?

Is it possible to do it manually in one week time?

You need to register for all appropriate website, you need to verify your account through email, and lastly you need to submit the same article over and over.

Things might work differently if you use Article Marketing Robot. Just sit back and let Article Marketing Robot do the entire harsh job for you.

article marketing robot

Since Article Marketing Robot has spinning option, you don’t have to worry about duplicate content issue. Article Marketing Robot will only send the same spun variation to one article directory.

That is the secret how certain few pages website manage to sit on the top three Google listing for high searches and very competitive keyword.

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    “the difference of traffic between first page and second page is like West and North” – agree no more about this.